Protein Treatment: What Do I Do?!

I need so advice, gals n pals. Seriously. If my hair were a person, that person would look like they're dying... But, I think I know why.I've been looking into this "moisture::protein balance" topic and I've been feeling really guilty --I am guilty-- of not having this balance. I deep condition regularly and I also do hot oil treatments monthly but I have never done a protein treatment or any regimen that would cater to tending to the protein balance of my hair! After closely reading up on the signs of low protein and comparing them to over-moisturizing (contrasting where necessary), I've come to the conclusion I probably need to deal with protein.My question and simple request, friends, is what do I do or is there anything I should know before working towards my first protein treatment ever!! I am a 4c curly (Or L and O mix on the L.O.I.S system) and my current problems are dryness, & breakage. I will gladly take heed to any advice where i see fit but I am ever so grateful for any and all responses to my cry for help.

1 Answer

Just be careful not to OVER-do it on the protein treatments. That may result in dry/brittle hair and breakage. If your hair isn't damaged, then I'm not sure that an overly intense protein treatment is necessary. I'd also recommend cutting back a little on moisture while trying to get your hair back in balance - don't get rid of it completely. A good deep conditioner that also provides some protein is the Shea Moisture JBCO Deep Treatment Masque - love that one! As for your hot oil treatments, use coconut oil if you can , at least for a while. Coconut is supposed to have protein so you can kind of treat your hair as you do your hot oil treatment. You can also try egg and mayonnaise, but, while a lot of people claim it works, there are apparently studies saying otherwise because the proteins in those are too big to be taken in by our hair.