How a really bad hair damage!!! My hair is wavy now it use to be Curly 3b/3c. Should I do a big chop

Any hair products suggestions that are not expensive ( Am a 13 yrs old Girl) Can you guys suggest any Products from Target if you can. Thank You in Advance

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you should only do a big chop if you are completely ok with having and styling really short hair. Or you could start " transitioning " and wait for your hair to grow out and just cut it off little by little until it's all gone . The Big chop is the healthier way to do it because straight strands weigh down your curls and won't let them curl up like they usually do. But transitioning is better if you like to keep all your length. I am transitioning because I like long hair , and most of my relaxed , wavy hair bounced back to being curly after  a year of no relaxers and taking care of it.  but some of my ends are still straight ( I'll cut them off eventually ) For hair products , I would definitely use Shea moisture products ( especially their conditioner and their detangler ) Their conditioner also works as a leave in conditioner so you can wash it out and also leave it in your hair if you want and it will help to define your curls and moisturize them. Their detangler also works as a moisturizing styling product . Now they do run for like $8 , $9, or $10 a bottle. If that's too expensive for you start using Organix products . They are a few dollars cheaper and do a great job. I use the "argan oil of morocco " line by Organix , it comes in a bright blue bottle . It also smells really great ( well all of their products smell like heaven) But Shea moisture products will help to repair your curls . Make sure that if you buy a deep conditioner ( like the deep treatment masque in the picture) Curls love deep conditioners. Also make sure to buy an oil like coconut oil or argan oil ( like the oil in the bottle in the picture) 
Hey girl... only BC is you are ready for that and if you want to. You can always transition but you will be dealing with two different hair textures. So you will need some styling that creates more even patterns like braid out, bantu knots, and twist outs. I would say Shea Mositure and actually Dark and Lovely Au Natural are great reasonably priced brands with great ingredients. I like them both.