How to recover from heat damage?

I have been wearing my natural hair now for nearly four months now, before i would religiously use my flat iron every week (i did not know how to properly transition from relaxed hair). and I've had amazing improvement in the back of my head completely full of curls. but the front of my hair is completely straight, so waves but mostly straight. What can i do to try and revert the front of my hair to its natural state?

2 Answers

I had the exact same problem. My curls literally wouldn't curl at all from all of the heat damage. You need 3 things; PATIENCE, DEEP CONDITIONING AND TRIMS. Get a trim to cut off the dead ends and deep condition at least twice a week. Getting your hair to go back to its original state after so much heat damage takes time, so be patient. I recommend Shea Moisture's "Curl Enhancing Smoothie" also. Use this to scrunch and train your curls to actually stay curly! Good luck, your curls will be back soon enough! :-) Oh, and one more thing, avoid the flat iron at all costs!
Hi! Just wanted to add that you should be prepared if you go into a salon to get your straight parts 'trimmed'. I flat-ironed for years and stopped a few months ago, and thought that I could get my hair to curl again, but the truth is once hair is dead - it's dead. It will regain a slight curl, but on the parts that are damaged, your natural curl pattern will not return. You will have to cut it eventually, and unfortunately sometimes you have to cut more than you'd like. My curls were a little down my back and now they're at my shoulders because so much was damaged. But it's worth the cut to be left with only healthy curls. Patience is definitely key, whether you choose to keep the hair and settle with the looser curl, or cut and get your natural curls back!