Regain curl

I originally had 3B hair and now after 4 years it has become a 2C and a 3A on a good day. I have used keratin treatments which pulled the curl out of my hair and made it so the ends of my hair are straight while the top is curly. I am trying to wear it curly from here on out and need some help in returning my hair to 3A or 3B. Any advice would be great about products, washing, drying, etc. Thanks! This is what I have for products: DevaCurl Devafuser with blowdryer Moroccan Oil curl cream and oil Curls Unleashed Jelly Curl Goddess Creme Brulee Curls Goddess Botanical Gel BTZ noodle head Deva Curl Low poo and conditioner Black Castor Oil Biolage Conditioning Balm Biotera Gel Never had to try for even pattern curls so hard in my life so this is all new to me.

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