Rough stylists rip out my transitioning hair?

I went to install box braids yesterday. While the stylist was installing them she told me that I apparently had not combed my hair in a long time even though i had detangled my hair that morning and the day before. To prep my hair for the braids, she would pull apart my hair to create the sections which was very painful, and then she would take her find tooth comb and force it through small sections of my hair. Every single time she encountered a knot which she would rip out, but if it was me detangling it myself I would not have run into the problem of knots. It was her creating those knots since she was starting from the top of my head and going down. I was cringing and squirming in my chair at how painful the process was. The amount of hair that came in a couple of small sections was more hair that came out in a full week of me combing my hair. I asked her why so much hair was coming out and why she detangled the way she did, and I also let her know my hair was very weak and fragile and to be gentle. She told me that because I used a wide tooth comb it allowed hairs to be caught in my head and to not be alarmed by the amount of hair coming out. She said that she knew what she was doing and that she would not cause breakage. Either way I still saw broken natural hair which upset me because my natural hair did not break like that when I combed it. So does using a wide tooth comb allow for fallen hair to create tangles and I shouldn't worry cuz my hair is fine, or did the stylist cause for me a major setback in my transitioning phase by ripping out my otherwise healthy natural hair?

1 Answer

In other words she hair abused you, unbelievable.You should have walked out as soon as she rough handled your hair, I am sorry but NO...1)This hairdresser you went has noo idea how to treat natrual hair, she only knows how to handle the relaxed hair.2) secondly, my tip next time when you go to a hairdresser  (as I always do my own hair) use a spare bottle, filled with water and/or oil, and every time the hairdresser makes a part she should lightly spray that section, then she can combed it, so it won't be painful to you and you will loose less hair.But I think you need to find a different hairdresser or do your hair yourself.3) it is advised to use wide tooth comb, to comb curly kinky hair as it leads to less breakage, so you didn't do anything wrong, keep on doing what you do.