What's should I do?

I flat ironed my natural hair, I used heat protectant and I didn't go pass 450 degrees, I did two passes one on 430 and 10 min later on 210 and today I washed my hair, and deep conditioned and half of my hair reverted back fine and the other half did not the ends are curly but the roots are straight.or it's curly on roots and ends but straight in the middle... which confuses me because if any thing I apply more heat to my ends my hair flattens well without having to repeatedly go over it. Attached is a piece I cut out of frustration. I've never experienced this and I'm so upset because I haven't touched my hair with heat in months! 

1 Answer

Breathe... Try pulling it back for a day or two, then wash it again! Sometimes hair can take a couple washes to revert back to its original curl.