Scalp itch

My scalp only itches on the top of my head where my looses curls are so I'm wondering if it's dry or am I having an allergic reaction to a product or using to much products to where it can't breathe my hair isn't that long and I've been trying to get it to a healthy state and it doenst itch anywhere else on my head not the sides back of head just top scalp and I find myself itching at night and flakes on pillows and under nails just really trying to get rid of this 

3 Answers

I recommend you to see a doctor first just to make sure that it isn't a allergic reaction . If you are allergic to a product that  you are using you  should stop using it and try using natural products. Like green tea with mint , or coconut oil shampoo and conditioner ... this is a Jamaican hair product that works really well for itchy scalp . Shampoo and deep-conditioner towel dry then add very little to scalp area . Its call " mango and lime "  ... good luck ! 
You should try a AVC (apple cider vinegar rise) when you wash your hair. It's good for the flakes and the itching. Plus its a cheap solution that you can get at your local grocery store. 
My daughter has target areas on her scalp where it itches the most. I purchased the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Shampoo because I figured it was eczema related and it has made  a world of difference. She used to scratch that one area so much that it was shorter than the rest of her hair and didn't seem to  grow much but now, with less itch, I noticed it has started to grow. I also use castor oil on her scalp as well.