why is only the back section of my hair growing?

I have been natural for almost two years now and the back section of my hair is the only part that's growing my frout is also growing but it so slow why is this?

2 Answers

Good morning NaturalBAP,It may be an indication of breakage. I would get a fresh trim and be gentler with that section when washing and styling. If you style with direct heat (blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons) I would eliminate that completely. If the problem persist after taking these measures I suggest scheduling an appointment with a trichologist for a scalp analysis to see whether your hair follicle or scalp has suffered trauma.Best,Amanda
It could be that your hair is in fact growing but it is breaking off at the same rate of which it is growing. Seems like you might be manipulating your hair (in the front) too much. Either that or you don't have enough moisture. Try to not touch your hair so much and try doing protective styles. Also make sure to moisturize AND seal. If you just moisturize your hair wont hold in moisture. That will result in dry, damaged hair. Hope this helps :)