Very Short, Curly, Coarse Black Hairs Growing Out of Scalp

I naturally have  very straight, blonde hair. But recently I have had these short, wiry, coarse, and jet black hairs starting to grow out of my scalp with these greasy little bases when I pull them out. They look like jet black pubic hair, and are no longer than one centimeter to .5 centimeters. They're short but very thick, coarse, and wiry. WHAT ARE THESE!? They're so annoying and strange, and they are greasy as well. Please help!

1 Answer

Hi!I'm currently experiencing exactly the same as you've described above! Super thick, wiry, greasy hairs crowing among my straight brown hair. They're mainly at the crown but do seem to be spreading. The texture of all my hair is becoming curlier so I'm in a complete panic that these wires will end up taking over !! Have you managed to discover any answers about what's casing them or found any treatment at all? PLEASE HELP :-(