How to get the spring back in my curls

Hello everyone.  I'm looking to get my hair back in shape and am wondering if it's possible to get the spring back in my hair.  The first picture is how my hair is now and the second is where it was.  Now I have had a baby so I don't know if my curls have relaxed and there's nothing I can do, or if it's fixable.  I don't have a lot of access to curly products in my area, but I'm willing to try anything to get it back, except cutting it.  If you need more info, please let me know.  I don't remember what I was using them except it was probably half from my old stylist and maybe John Frieda.  Now I'm using curl souflee and clear conditioner.  I'd really like to up my conditioner back into a salon brand but don't know where to start. 

1 Answer

Things To Consider First:a. Okay, first and foremost it is important to note as you mentioned slightly, hormones can play a huge factor in change of curl pattern and even density. We can't change that obviously lol, but you can try to use lighter products to make sure your hair is always at it's fluffiest, curliest potential. b. If you have any split ends or heat damage make sure you properly trim everything off first so you aren't going through trouble for nothing.c. If you're hair is longer now than it was then, you curls will naturally loosen due to it being heavier. That's something to think about. You may want your stylist to give you some layers to further your curl poppage (Lol).Now that those are out of the way:- First thing that I would say, is try going without using an actual shampoo. Try clarifying with apple cider vinegar and water or you can add a bit of baking soda to that mixture. I know people are all "Ew" lol and the smell and initially be repulsive but this worked for me. It still does work for me. It helps balance the PH in your hair and can make a big difference even if you shampoo first then do an ACV rinse after.- Try incorporating a little protein here and there. You don't have to run and purchase Aphogee heavy duty treatments, you can use natural proteins like banana, avocado, or mi favoritoooo COCONUT MILK. Lol, you can detangle with it mixed with water, you can use it as a pre-poo, or you can add it to your deep conditioner or conditioner (these are easier than mixing up concoctions). If you would like you can try regular conditioners that have proteins in them as well. You can use protein once every two weeks since you have normal porosity hair.- Make sure your hair is well moisturized. Try using styling milks and light cream moisturizers AFTER your hair is fully dry. Redken have great conditioners if you're looking for a regular salon brand conditioner. To sum it up, it's all trial and error and there can be so many factors. These are some things you can try and some things that are helpful to know could cause the changes. Your hair looks long so some layers could do the trick.I really hope this helps! xo