Hi, I'm maya. I'm a 13 year old mixed girl with VERY curly hair but from all the straightening (flat iron and chemical) I've done to my hair it's frizzy, dry, weak and I think it's getting shorter and shorter! It's basically split ends almost all the way though and I would do anything to reverse the damage!!! There is absolutely no way I can manage to cut my's already above shoulder length and I don't think I can go that short. Here's a little back story to why I straightened my hair: I live in a small town on Vancouver island and there's mainly all, well...white people. Of coarse all my friends were white and being mixed you'd understand what I'm saying when I say this: sometimes it's the best of both worlds but most of the time you just don't fit in either one of them. I let it get the best of me and I ended up straightening my hair everyday throughout grade 4-5. The worst part of it is that now, when I'm starting to love my natural hair it's worn down and broken. Back to the point! Is there ANY other way to fix my hair?!?! Thanks 4 reading to the end! Haha :)

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Hey girl! I'm mixed too and straightened my hair for as long as I can remember and now I'm trying to get my curl back too! I'm sorry to tell you though, you're going to have to cut it! Of course you don't have to just chop everything off straight away. Instead, go through a transitioning period, so you can grow your curls back out! When you get to a desired length, you can cut off the damaged ends. In the meantime, get use to having a hair care routine! I recommend deep conditioning at least once a week. Since you're dealing with a lot of heat damage, deep conditioning event two times a week would be good! Make sure your hair is always moisturized, and use protective styles to help protect and blend the two textures of your hair. For deep conditioners I recommend Mixed Chick's deep conditioner. However, everyone's hair does react to product differently so you'll have to find what works best for you. I hope I helped a little! Good luck! :)
Good news: It can be fixed. Hair grows back. We just published an article about how to fix severely heat damaged hair. Check it out: How to Fix Severely Heat Damaged HairAlso, don't panic... stress can mess with the health of your hair. Just be gentle, patient, take good care of your hair, and cool it with the heat. You will be fine. Ps, at some point you're going to have to cut it so just be prepared for that.