Why can't I grow my hair?

when I was younger my hair way way past my chest but then that dreaded day came when the hairdresser put the scissors to my head and got way to happy. This happened when I was around 10 years old. My hair was cut to bra strap length and I noticed that it started breaking so, I trimmed it. After a few months there was no growth so, I trimmed it again, still no growth. Seven years later my hair is shoulder length AND WON'T GROW. I do protective styling as much as possible and I deep condition once a week (avocado,banana,olive oil, one medium egg and mayo) please tell me what I'm doing wrong I don't know how to get my hair healthy, it's uneven and makes me feel very insecure.

2 Answers

It could just be genetics. My mom has always had a tough time growing her hair and so have I. But because I've started taking tons of vitamins my hair went from my chin to a little past my shoulders in 3-4 years. Vitamins I take: Biotin, Collagen, MSM, fish oil, and folic acid. You can also take gelatin or if you're a vegetarian you can take silica. Out of all the vitamins I'd say that biotin, collagen, and MSM have done the most for my hair. Of course vitamins aren't the only thing you should do to for your hair. Don't wash it everyday, eat lots of green vegetables (I'm a hypocrite I hate vegetables), get regular trims, don't use heat on your hair, and don't wash it everyday, and find a stylist you trust!!! Below you will see my hair a few years ago and my hair a few days ago. 
Shoulder length hair is harder to grow because of the friction cause by the ends rubbing the shoulders. Also try and increase protein intake and try using  a moisturiser on the ends because as we all know moisture= encouraged growth. ( pay close attettion to mid length's and ends of hair) also read some articles about growth on naturally culy's blog