Can taking a collagen supplement affect your curl? Has anyone experienced this?

My hair is normally somewhere between 2c and 3a, however it is currently a 2b with some sections of 2a. I thought I may have had product build up however after using a clarifying shampoo I still have little curl. The only thing I have changed it taking a collagen supplement. I take a third of the daily recommend dose. Could this make me lose my curl?

1 Answer

Hair can't change as a result of taking a supplement because it is made of dead keratinized cells. It doesn't receive any nutrients from your body. The collagen pill might be beneficial for your scalp/nails and could maybe cause faster growth but it depends on each individual. Some don't notice any change and others do. Now, hair products with protein in them can be beneficial because they are applied directly on and provide benefits in that way (temporarily till the next wash day or longer). Read up on articles here about protein to find more info. Some hair craves lots of protein and others find that too much makes it brittle and need to put on a moisturizing product to balance it out. There are many kinds of protein used in hair products but the ones that seem to be most effective are hydrolyzed proteins.