Is texture loosening normal? My hair has changed completely now Im unsure of my hair type

Ive noticed a huge change in my hair from when I first big chopped, up to now in 2017. I transitioned in 2013, big chopped in 2014 and I was pretty sure my hair was between 4a/4b (Possibly, I never was fully sure) Now as of 2017, I've been keeping my hair in braids and twists for a week at a time, deep conditioning once a week as well, and my curl pattern has become noticeably looser, my wash n gos are more elongated and my hair is alot manageable now, but the roots of my hair are slightly tighter than the shaft, so I wanted to know if this was normal or if I did some type of "stretching" from keeping my hair in twists/braids for months on end. Thanks for the help!

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