Is there such thing as too much product?

I've been using a lot of product in my hair lately. Leave in, styler, finisher, sometimes an oil or moisturizer. Is that too much product? I have 2a-2b hair, and I usually get product buildup every 2 weeks.

2 Answers

Sometimes, there can be. For you though, it doesn't sound like you're using too much product, because if it takes two weeks for the product to build up, that sounds pretty normal. If you were getting signs of build up (dull, filmy, greasy, lots of flaking) after a day or two or on the same day as you style from wet when your hair finishes drying, that would probably be considered too much product. It also depends on how often you have to start over from clean hair. If you start over every other day or every few days (like if you don't get second day hair) then you probably just need your hair to look fresh until you wash again. If you like the results you get with a lot of different products, but don't like how quickly you start to see build up, maybe you could try using the products in the smallest amount possible for it to still be effective. I hope that helps!!