This September, NaturallyCurly turns 15! We'd love to hear how we helped you embrace your curls.

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NaturallyCurly has transformed my life. Since we started it 15 years ago, I have met the most amazing community of curlies, coilies and wavies all around the world. I have seen so many incredible curly entrepreneurs like me create products for texture, helping to transform the way the world views this "niche." It's a much different place today than it was 15 years ago, and we have the amazing community to thank for it. You all have enriched my life, and I can't thank you enough for being a part of our family!
NaturallyCurly. What can I say?  I would have never thought there would be a company entirely dedicated to people with curly hair.  But as I sit in our offices in Austin, TX, adoring my co-workers and embracing my curly hair (though occasionally I still enjoy a good blowout), I am so grateful for this site, this work and for the fact that we can proudly say that we help empower all women to live confidently in the hair that the good Lord gave them!  
I had no idea what to do with my hair when I finally decided to "go natural." Thank goodness NaturallyCurly was there to guide me, educate me, and be an amazingly informational friend. From product reviews, how tos, and hair care, I was set. You guys really helped me celebrate my curls. For so long, I wanted them to be straight and straight only. Now, I love the fact that I can do both and look and feel like a million dollar bill. :)
NaturallyCurly helped me grow from an intern with frizzy hair to a confident professional with healthy waves. Since I discovered NaturallyCurly in 2010, I learned so much: that washing my hair daily was actually hurting it, that moisture is the key to beautiful hair, and that two women and website can change the world of curls. :) Thanks, NaturallyCurly! <3
Imagine what it's like to be a nervous transitioner and have the opportunity to work with people that (1) compliment your first bantu knot outs (2) give you products to try (3) encourage you to make the big chop. That was me back in 2009! I honestly don't know if I would have had the same fond memories of "going natural" if I didn't have such an awesome group of people encouraging me every step of the way. Because of NaturallyCurly, I started my Youtube channel and hopefully I can connect with just a fraction of the people that love NC so much.oh, and thanks for introducing me to Oyin Handmade products! #gamechanger LOL
NaturallyCurly came into the picture when I was at a point in my natural hair journey where I wanted to give up! Because of all the knowledge, encouragement (and products :) I'm moving past a long fitful stage of liking every other curl but my own, into really embracing and enjoying my natural curly coils! Without NaturallyCurly, I think I would have given up on my natural hair a while ago.
I chose to go curly (and stay that way) a little over a year ago because of this site. Everything is so helpful, including the product reviews! I found my hair stylist this way, and she has helped me transform my curls in a way that I never thought possible. I love being able to try new products and learn what my hair loves. Thanks to NaturallyCurly, you're a life changer!
When I found I had no idea how to wear curly hair. I was straightening it and due to a neck injury I was told to stop. I think the site was about 2 weeks old when I found it. I found a community of people like me. We started to hair type and grow and exchange ideas and I learned and tried products and grew my 3b hair. I can't thank this site for helping me find a person to cut my thick, frizzy hair, to like my curls and always help with product ideas. I still come back and check. Congrats on the 15 years!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo glad you started this site!!
I came across naturallycurly when I was looking for ways hoe to care for my 4 firms hair. Their hair type ranges from 3b-4c. Along the way I learned that I was actually not taking very good care of my hair which is 2b. So through this website not only did I learn how to care for my girls hair I learned how to care for mine and truly have enjoyed this hair journey. I love this site and its my ultimate go to when I want to look information up about hair or have my own questions.
Well where do I begin!? I remember my hair being difference when I was young. The time I straightened my hair with my Mom's curling iron and cried bc i thought my hair would never be curly again. I always wanted my hair to be straight so every chance i got, I straightened it. Then i decided to embrace my curls and this is when I found your website. I just never knew there was soooo many different "rules" for our hair type! What ingredients to avoid, curl type, curl was like WOW! But helped me understand my hair and learned to love it! With all of the helpful articles, videos, products and product reviews, etc, etc i am now natural and lovin it. I have even became a tester! Thank you this site is awesome and I refer people to it often!!
NaturallyCurly Forums, what a game changer. They were the first that I stumbled upon while frantically and desperately searching for how to take care of my natural hair.  The endless archives of questions asked by women just like me, the welcoming community, the scientists in our midst... it was truly an empowering and enlightening experience. I took up residence in those forums for years, and many from my 2005 cohort are still friends today.  It's where I first shared my product trials, my hair shots, my ingredient research and of course, where I first used the handle, 'CurlyNikki' and the rest is history.
NaturallyCurly has been such a breath of fresh air for me. I often have many problems with my hair. My mop is curly, it's oily, and it fact makes my hair very confusing. How it can be oily and frizz is beyond me. I have just now learned of the awesome that is naturally curly this year, but I wish I had known of it from its inception. I would have saved myself loads of stress over my hair. Not only do I love the "know your hair" questions to figure out what sort of brand of curly you are, but I intensely love the Curly mixology. I am a DIYer as well as a bit of a organic nut. I love anything that I do on my own and with my own hands or materials as well as anything natural or from the earth. Recently I have begun the road to growing my hair out and taking better care of it and myself. The pixie cut was my main squeeze of hair styles to sport. Now I'm sporting a more natural curly sue do and using as many natural recipes from your site as I'm, long story short.....I love you Naturally Curly!!... 
Though I have straight hair, my years spent with the NaturallyCurly team and community have taught me a little something about hair (like CurlMart has amazing products for me too!) and a lot about the energy, spirit and power of an engaged community.  I never tire of stories shared by multiple voices and hair types about the support, education, and sisterhood that NaturallyCurly provides with and to its members. Empowering stuff.  I'm happy to be a part of it, and to work everyday with a team living, breathing and inspiring this important community.
NaturallyCurly has been a great help to me when it comes to the health and vitality if my hair and I really appreciate the resources that it provides for me and so many other women. NaturallyCurly is impeccable at providing pertinent information for my hair, health and products that I'm interested in trying. The staff is extremely friendly and always willing to help if i'm in need of assistance. Through NaturallyCurly I've been fortunate enough to have met some awesome people and look forward to continuing to watch NC flourish into an amazing epicenter for information and support for women across the world.Happy Birthday NaturallyCurly! 
Well I am mixed but was raised in white surroundings so for most of my life i didnt know how to handles my curls and I started relaxing my hair at 14 years old. well im 30 now and im scared to lose my hair and one day i came upon this site looking for help. Naturally Curly has helped me realize im not the only one out there like me. I have learned the good and the bad about my hair and what my hair needs. I have learned to embrace what I have and I am starting to enjoy my hair. Some times I even let it go completely wild and I love it. Thank You Naturally Curly for the help, the pictures and the product. I dont think I would be this happy without you.
Growing up with Curly hair was difficult with a sister who had perfect straight hair. I remember being a tween and visiting for tips, tricks and how-to's. The site literally changed my perspective on curly hair and helped me grow into a confident and hair enthusiast adult. I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined as a young 16 year old that 10 years later I would have the opportunity to work for this AMAZING company and help empower other curlies! Thank you to NaturallyCurly for allowing me to grow up with your site and love my kinky, crazy, curly hair! 
I discovered NaturallyCurly about 8 years ago, when I found myself jobless and no longer affording salon visits for blow outs. I used to wear my hair curly as well, but I would throw on tons of product thinking my curls needed all the hold they could get because my hair would always be FRIZZY. Then I started doing some online research and stumbled upon this site. I learned so much from the website and the forum. Now I wear my curls with confidence, they look amazing, healthy and soft, I use the right products and don't have layer upon layer of products suffocating my hair. I know how to style it, care for it...I love my hair. I wear it straight or wavy from time to time, but I stick to my curls more often. People always compliment my  hair and ask for advice for their curls.Thanks for all the help and guidance over the years! Happy Anniversary! :)
Naturally Curly was the change agent for me, to not only show me how to take care of my natural hair, but to embrace and truly love a part of myself that I realize I never had before. This community is like no other, and Naturally Curly has introduced me to so many other positive naturals, hair products and ideas. #teamnatural
NaturallyCurly has helped so much. About five years ago I decided to transition my hair, and I came across this website. I found so much vital information about caring for natural hair that I never knew about. Whenever I needed information or tips on styling, I always found my answer on Naturallycurly. Naturallycurly has helped me become more aware of the ingredients in certain products and also helped me discover so many different bloggers with their tips and advise as well. NaturallyCurly has helped me embrace my natural hair and it was the best decision I ever made.
NaturallyCurly was the 1st online hair community I have ever visisted. I knew nothing about transitioning, demarcation line, nothing. I learned from the community forums on how to check my hair porosity, I learned from articles on exactly what a co-wash is, and which ingredients would work for my hair. I found products which were natural, organic, and inexpensive (sometimes). I was introduced to through I was able to get the support ans courage to Big Chop through I was so scared and uninformed before coming to this site. I still visit the site on a regular basis for tips and advice. I love and will forever be grateful for the information I have gathered. Thank You.
i don't really remember when did i discover your site . But all i know that this day was even better than Christmas , new year and all the holidays together. From that day i've learned everything i need to know about my curls and i just fell in love with them. i think my curls are my crown and now its shining bright all because of you truly. I've shown your site to every curly head i know . now i'm trying to help other curly heads here (EGYPT) because we have nothing for our curls at all . I so happy that i've been interviewed at ur site before , it was an honer really . I really wish that you'd come here and do something for us curly girls .bless you and may you grow to help girls all over the world    
Michelle and her team at have always been amazing partners to Paul Mitchell. The curly community they have fostered is limitless and has given us immediate feedback on product launches and education programs that has been invaluable.  We’re proud to be a part of their 15 Year birthday celebration and congratulate on building such a unique site dedicated to textured hair.
I am only new to this website, but am learning so much. I only recently decided to say "NO to the straightener!" after years of damage and neglect to my natural, beautiful curls. I'm 29 and I'm letting my hair be it's self for the first time since I was a young girl. I'm growing my hair out now, and love the tips and opinions I can read about different products, techniques and salons befor trying. I got some hurtful "honest" feedback when I first began wearing my hair curly, because it was a frizzy, dull mess. But now, after some TLC I learned from this site, I get compliment after compliment and wish I had made this transition years ago! Girls with Curls, we rock!!!
NaturallyCurly taught me that I'm not the only one! For years I struggled with straighteners that wouldn't straighten, anti-frizz products that increased frizz, and trendy haircuts that just didn't work for me (ahem, the Rachel). Not only did NaturallyCurly give me the confidence to wear my curly hair proudly, it also gave me the courage to face a big fear of mine: cutting it all off! And I think many of you will agree, there's nothing quite like having NC cheerleaders to get you through a bad hair day. 
Naturally curly reaffirmed my belief that we curlies know what's best for our hair. Who among us hasn't been to a hairdresser whose first line is, "So, you HATE your hair, don't you?" I've always loved my hair and tried to encourage my curly daughters to wear their hair naturally. I'm the most hair tool impaired individual in the world. i have no idea how to blow dry my hair, blow it out, or flat iron it!! I wear it natural every day. Naturally curly has helped me find products i love and stop using ones that aren't good for my curls. It also connected me to a local curl cut specialist. I wish more hairdressers looked at their profession as a "healthcare specialist" for the hair and did what was healthiest for a client's hair not what might make them the most money. Thanks to all the people who have taken the time to review products and make recommendations. I can't tell you how many stylists i introduced to the website and how many said, "there's a website called"
I think what this site has done for a lot of people is that it allows people to exchange ideas with each other. Most of all, however, it has created a sense of empowerment and confidence about wearing our curls. I think most every member on this site resisted the idea of wearing our curls by either straightening our hair or cutting it very short. Coming to a forum like this where we find people that share the same journey as us I think has built confidence in wearing our curls.
I just wanted to have long hair and I thought going natural would help so I stopped texturizing my hair.
Naturally Curly has really helped me love my hair! Curly hair isn't as common as straight hair so it was hard to learn how to embrace it, because no one I know has curly hair. Which led me to brush my hair when it was dry(eek!) and straightening. But then I discovered this amazing site full of curlies with hair just like mine! Going natural was one of the best things I've ever done because I gained so much overall confidence!