How to treat curly but greasy hair?

I have 2c or 3a type hair and have been trying around so much... My hair looks OK when i shampoo it every day and is very dry. At the same time it will start to look greasy at the roots on the next day without washing and most of the curls are hung out. Shampoo and then a vinegar rinse makes good curls but after doing this for a couple of months my hair is supe dry now and breaks t my forehead.I followed the curls girl Methode for Botticelli curls this morning but my hair looked very lanky after that so I don't think leaving so much conditioner in is a good idea for me.So, basically, my questions are:How can I support my curls without washing them every day?how can i moisturize my hair without it beging greasy/lanky?Then my daughter has feathery waves that knot very much - but mybe I should make that a question by itself!

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