Can someone who has tried Hairfinity give me a review on it please?

I am interested in trying hairfinity . I did try taking biotin and at first it didn't work . I had to start taking a very high amount of it a day ( like 20,000 mcg 's) to finally see hair growth , and it wasn't that much . I know that biotin is more for improving your hair's health instead of growth but I would like to start seeing growth. I've seen multiple YouTube videos on how hairfinity has worked A lot of people have said that it has worked to make their hair longer , but  not thicker, I heard it thinned out some peoples hair I do want growth , but I still want thick hair like I do now .So can anyone tell me how hair finity worked for them please ? I know that everybodies experience will be different , but I want to be completely convinced that hair finity works for the most part before I go and spend my money on it . ( ps : my face did NOT break out from my high dosage of biotin ) 

1 Answer

I love hairfinity! I recommend it all the time. I noticed both longer hair and thicker strands. You may want to couple it with Castor Oil to ensure thicker hair. I had a before and after picture somewhere but I've since lost it. ( :( ) If you think it'll do well with your body then go for it. I don't think you would regret it.