When trying to re train and re strengthen your hair what are the proper steps and products to use?

i am a 4a hair type and I have damaged hair. I am trying to re-strengthen and re-train my curls how do I do that, and what products do I use?

3 Answers

get a multi tasking product like organics hair mayonnaise which is both a regular & light protein conditioner as well as a leave in for damaged hair. use oils like coconut, olive, castor & do scalp massages and don't shampoo without conditioning
Try deep conditioning with any of these 4 diy deep conditioners https://t.co/aYCMDA5XKx also see my post on 10 dry hair and breakage tips http://t.co/LZ8AFzO2Of . Try making your own leave in conditioner eg aloe vera juice or gel, water and olive oil or glycerin, conditioner & water
also try this: spray water or a liquid leave in or a moisturizer & cover your hair with a shower cap or bonnet at night. In the morning, your hair should be soft in the morning. Just apply an oil or butter like Shea butter & style your hair. it is called moisture bagging