Weird Hair Growth

For the few months I have been completely natural, I have really learned to accept my hair and I really love my hair texture now. However, I have noticed that my the sides of my hair are a lot longer than the back of my hair. I have struggled to do twistouts, put it into ponytails, buns, and any other protective style. I have noticed another girl who has around the same type of hair as me, but shorter, and she can put it up into styles just fine. Is this normal? Do I need a haircut? Am I doing something wrong?

1 Answer

Sometimes our hair just grows at different rates in different areas of our heads. You could try scalp massages to stimulate your scalp and growth and even out blood circulation. Also, it could just be different textures/curl patterns in different areas of your head that makes it seems like the hair is longer. For example, there is a patch of hair right in my crown that is super tightly curled. When shrunken it looks way shorter. When stretched though, it is the same length it is the rest of my hair. Have you tried wearing/styling your hair stretched? It can make a world of difference. What is your regimen and which products are you using? Knowing this will help the community determine if you are doing something "wrong".