What do you consider "good hair"?

totally not about ingredients, styles, etc...Just a question I have been pondering.:)

6 Answers

I consider good hair to be healthy hair.
Thick and healthy is my idea of good hair.
Depends on what it is that you mean by "good hair". To me, healthy hair is good hair, as stated previously. 
Good hair is the hair you were born with. Kinky, curly, straight, brown, black or red. The industry really needs to get away from this "good hair" vs "bad hair" stigma. It's stupid.
http://youtu.be/5HUUvQ3Yac8The "good hair" "bad hair" fued has been going on for a long time. above is a link from spike lee's movie school dayz and the song is called good hair bad hair.  
To me, good hair means healthy, nourished, loved and cared for hair. In the south where I am from, we were taught good hair was thick healthy hair no matter what texture.