What is a good product to use to stop the itching of the scalp? My hair broke off in the same area.

3 Answers

I think it's important to first diagnose the problem. Are you using a lot of protein? This can sometimes cause itchy scalp. Do you have psoriasis? Maybe eczema? First determine what's causing the itching, and that will help you find treatment. To stop the itching, you can try several things. Many people have had success with jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and ginger shampoo. Just massage the oil onto your scalp using the tips of your fingers and you should feel some relief. That will help until you can figure out the root of the problem.
You may be allergic to an ingredient in some product you're using. You might switch products and do some testing to see if you're reacting to some ingredient.
tea tree oil, hair grease, and braid spray can relive an itchy scalp.