What is my hair type, and how can I enhance growth?

I think my hair is either 2B or 3A but I'm not sure, maybe both...Also, I have had a lot of previous damage to the ends (where the hair is bleached) and the rest is my natural hair/hair color, that I have been growing out for almost a year and a half now (a year and a half of no heat/coloring whatsoever and trimming every couple of months). I already take vitamins and only use a comb when needed in the shower (no brush, shampoo once a month, no sulfates/silicones.) What can I do to help stimulate growth? Does gently massaging your scalp actually help? And how often is appropriate for trimming, and how much should I trim? I want my hair to grow as long as possible and can't stand it short.Also, certain spots of my hair seem to grow more slowly than others... (it took way longer for certain spots to grow out the bleach than others and still have more bleach than others after trims), could anyone give me an explanation for that?Lastly, my hair was very, VERY thick, and when I was a little younger I thinned it out (the hairstylist did with scissors, I mean) and it never really seemed to return to its original thickness. I abused my hair for years, and now I take very good care of it, but I don't know why it still won't return to original thickness (albeit it has gotten thicker since I started taking care of it.) Is there something I can do to help stimulate thickness? No, I do not mean teasing either - I mean TRUE thickness, not appearance thickness. Or is it just a wait it out kind of deal? I am only 19 years old, so age shouldn't be an issue with any of this, either.Help would be most appreciated! Thank you! :) Have a beautiful day

1 Answer

i think you have 2a, 3a hair for sure, most people trim every 6 months for healthy hair, and to thicken out your hair you should try some coconut oil as a treatment over night and/or before you shampoo. hope this helped. oh and massaging does help stimulate hair growth