What products should I use to promote hair growth stemming from a stress bald spot?

I recently did my first super big chop... Approximately 17-18 inches which I donated to Locks of Love.  While my stylist was cutting my hair she discovered a bald spot, I did think much of it because it appeared small. Recently I discovered it appears to be bigger then I first suspected.  I'm freaking out a little because my hair is already short so I'm not sure how to cover the spot so I need to promote some type of growth in that spot. 

2 Answers

you should you jamaican black castor oil ive seen  people you it and its great. message me back when u get please. hope this helps
Have you tried scalp massages with a natural oil? Try massaging your scalp with oil every other day and you should definitely see results! I have also heard great things about hair vitamins but I would recommend consulting with your physician before taking those! Also, you should be protecting your hair at night with either a satin bonnet or pillowcase. Some people even go so far as to use satin headrest covers for their car! Hope this helps!