Whats a good hair vitamin to take?

I have type 3B curly hair and I want it to be longer and healthier. So I was wondering what a good brand of vitamins is, and if they have helped you.

2 Answers

I take biotin supplements. some say that it causes acne for them. However, I have no problem with acne and its worth a try especially if you have slow hair growth. I love your hair girl.
a friend of mine had been natural for about 4 years. She has BSL hair. I big chopped 2 days ago, when I asked her about biotin supplements, her response was that it's pointless. Here's why (this is her answer as well as my own research), we get all of the biotin we need from food. It's very rare that people actually have a biotin deficiency, therefore there's no recommended dosage of biotin. But 30 micro grams for an adult is the least you can get. Biotin supplements give you about 2.5 micrograms, a 1/2 cup of raw swiss chard gives you 5. Banana, spinach, liver, carrots, all of these foods are full of biotin and many other vitamins and minerals needed for good health. In all of the hair tips, they say to eat well and exercise. There's a reason, when your body is healthy, your hair is healthy. If you are getting all of these vitamin and minerals on your system daily, your skin glows, your hair is lovely and you just look better.