What's the best way to get rid of scalp inflammation ? My Dermatologlist did a scalp biopsy

My hair is a little thinner at the top of my head. The rest of my hair is full and thicker. I went to the Dermatologist who did a scalp biopsy. She said that I have scalp inflammation , which is attacking my hair follicles, causing my hair to thin. She wants me to use a topical steroid in that area to get rid of the inflammation. I want to try the more natural approach.

4 Answers

Sorry for the typo. Dermatologist
Try a follicle stimulator at http://hair-caretips.com/folliculestimulator
You need to find out what's causing the scalp inflammation and fix that, then the inflammation will go down. Makes me crazy that doctors just treat the symptoms rather than the cause!
I asked her what caused the inflammation, she didn't have a clue. I asked her if it was because I used chemicals in the  past she said no, but I think it is. I might have to go to another  dermatologist for a second opinion.