What to do about my 2A?

Hello,First of all, let me say I naturally have wavy-curly hair.A few years ago I had BSL hair, which I once permed. I decided to not repeat the perm, since it seemed to considerably damage my hair. Ever since then I have been making sure to take care of my hair so that it remains healthy and shiny, while boosting its natural curly tendencies with special conditioners, masks, and curl balms before blow-drying. With this doing this, I managed to constantly wear 2C type hair.However, as soon as my hair started growing (it is now approximately elbow length), it started losing its curliness. It turned into 2A hair, almost completely straight till about my chin, and wavy-curly from there downwards. I intensely dislike this, because the hair around my face is generally frizzy and no matter how much I try, they ruin my entire look by looking unhealthy. Also, they do not seem to particularly flatter my face like this. That said, I don't want to cut my hair at all, since my goal is curly WL.So, I have essentially a couple of questions. How can I curl the hair around my face to match the hair from my neck onwards without perming? If I can't do that, how can I take good enough care of my hair so as to actually bring its strong points to light and eliminate its tattered look?Thank you very much in advance,Kat :)

1 Answer

I would try Curl Keeper to help with frizz control and curl enhancer. I would diffuse upside down and then use Deva Clips to boost the volume at the top of your head/face. If that didn't work then maybe try a twist out so you can try and achieve more volume at the top. You might get your hair to WL but it will likely not be as flattering to your face as we usually need some layers for the best face and curl enhancement. The longer your hair gets the more stretched out your curls will be. You can get layers without changing the length....something to think about maybe. Good luck!