Why are my 2b/2c curls becoming a little more 2a or straighter sometimes after I shower?

so as a child I had pin straight hair and around the age of 8 it got slightly wavy then at 10/11 I got more curls into them and 12-13 they were pretty much 2b/2c and rarely 2a. I'm 13 now turning 14 in a few months and I know hair changes over time and it's natural but when I get out of the shower it comes out differently at times, I wash my hair every other day and the last time I washed it was curly/wavy and I think the back is slightly heat damages cos it's more straight up until the nape of my neck then it's wavy with no curls all the way down to my waist, the rest is wavy at the roots and curlier as it goes down. However today after I washed my hair they came out as beachy wave that looked really nice but all the hair around the top of my head above my ears were straight and the waves sorta got straighter within half an hour or so and the hair that frames my face became less curly and more like a flat wave and on my left it was frizzy, now I just plopped it ontop of my head in a sort of bun. What can I do to stop my curls from losing their shape and to reduce frizz? I use herbal essences hello hydration and that's worked ok for me. But why do they come out differently and how do I keep them overnight? I don't want to keep finding to deal with a new head of hair each time I shower! Please help me 

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