2C/3A Problems!

Ok, so I have hair that has 2C, 3A, and some 2B thrown in here and there. I love my hair, but I don't when I go completely natural, it then becomes a frizzy non-curly mess.  If I let it air dry naturally without products, my hair will frizz and my curls are so undefined that you can't really see them.  Also my hair is extremely fine so my hair doesn't hold the curl very well. I am at a loss at what to do.  I am tired spending so much time drying it with a defuser and putting in products and yet my hair easily becomes flat and wavy very quickly.  Is it common for hair to have so many types of curl pattern and varies if you air dry it vs. defusing it? I always put my hair up in a pineapple, comb through my hair when it's wet, scrunch my hair, and even put conditioner and defuse my hair dry while my hair is upside down. I use "cone" free shampoo and frizz control gel and the Deva Curl styling cream. I follow the curly girl method to a t so what am I doing wrong? Please help!  I am tired of my hair controlling my life.*This picture is from one of my good hair days. If I let it air dry, it is a lot flatter on top and the curls stick together more and form a big sheet of waves all over my hair.

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