3A? hair has lost all curl. Is now more like 1A. Please help!

My hair, I believe, is type 3A. It took me 3 years after straightening it every day for 6 years to get it to curl the way it did. My natural curl is the same curl you get with a wand or a curling iron, and perhaps a bit tighter than that. I never used a wand or curling iron to get the curl you see in the photos. I don't have a photo of my hair as it is now because I absolutely hate it. About a month ago, I cut off 6 inches of damage. Before that, I went through a hard time and I stopped fixing it, but I didn't think that would affect it.. Then, I started using a tea tree shampoo and when I tried again, I found that my hair wouldn't even hold a scrunch. I thought maybe the dead weight stopped the curl, therefore the cut. I hadn't cut my hair in at least 2 years, maybe more. I'm using every product imaginable, every trick in the book, my old tricks and my old products, and I can't get my curl back. Please help! It was a huge part of my identity and I just want it back.

1 Answer

Your hair is gorgeous, and you will get it back. I know how you feel I dyed my hair and it went from curls to waves, so I went for a trim and the stylist told me what have you done to your hair is not curling anymore, I was like I don't know. that didn't fix it and I went for a short cut. Lost all definition and felt as I have lost part of me, so I found this site and it helped. So I suggest you to change your routine and products, give it a fresh start. You may need to get a haircut again, keeping the length but fixing the previous cut (that helped me, not at first but when it grew a bit). You might have lost your elasticity, and it might still have some damage, so a protein treatment will be of great help now and lots of condition. It's been about a month since I started trying to restore my hair, the protein helped a lot. I had to change products and styling tricks, that has made a huge difference. Yesterday after washing I used a gel, coconut oil,styling cream and diffused it upside down, the results were great I had shinny and defined waves/curls. I have never used that many products nor diffused in that way, but change is good.So start with another trim if you think it might be the cut you got, do a protein treatment, condition and deep condition (but don't over do it), and change your routine, find new tricks and products. Good luck.