3a/3b texture, low porosity, medium density, medium thickness, lots of frizz. Products i should use?

In december of 2015 I went for the big chop and it has grown back fully but I still have the same problems that I did before. My routine consists of a wash every 2-3 days. I use the L'Oreal extraordinary oil every shampoo around once a week or whenever my hair feels like it needs it. I use the corresponding conditioner ever wash. To style my hair I like to use a basic leave in conditioner that focuses on moisture but helps with definition, but it constantly changes because I can't find one that I like. I wrap my hair in a cotton t shirt for 20ish minutes, and then let it air dry. My issues are dry, itchy, and sensitive scalp, frizz, definition, breakage, and hair loss due to medication. I'm a novice when it comes to products but I would prefer accessable drugstore products. Products that are very waxy or heavy in oils tend to not sit well with my hair. (the photo is old sorry about the pudgyness) 

1 Answer

Eden Bodyworks coconut shea curl creme is the best! It helps cut down my frizz tremendously. Also Devacurl ultra defining gel is great too. When I have a lot of frizz rather than reaching for hair spray I will put a little gel in my hands and rub it together with water. Then smooth it over my frizz, almost like i am slicking my hair down. Then GENTLY rescruch your hair if your curls need to be brought back to life. I usually dont need to do the last step. Have you tried cutting gout the shampooing? you could also try apple cider vinegar rinses. I have had great success with ACV rinsing, and I have fine low porosity hair. I also have sensitive skin so it is a good natural alternative.