My 3B curls get tangled/matted VERY easily, what are some things I could do to lessen the knots?

I have a 3B type curl pattern, I will either detangle my hair in the shower or finger detangle with lots of oil and comb. But every time I detangle it, my hair will become matted either the next day or the day after that. I'm still learning how to take care of the hair I have so I have never been sure of what styles could prevent that from happening. Please help, it is getting out of hand!

4 Answers

You could try different protective hairstyles overnight and in the daytime, including braids, buns and twists. Investing in some tangle-free products, leave in conditioners and different oils to what you are already using may help.
using a detangler or a leave in conditioner before you add styling products and finger detangle or comb. It will really prevent next day tangles. 
If it's happening in the shower when your hair should be slippery with conditioner then you might be protein sensitive! My hair felt crispy and I couldn't even comb my hair with Shea Moisture conditioner in it in the shower and I only have 2c fine hair. Turns out my hair hates coconut oil! VO5 conditioner and GVP Conditioning balm are much better for my hair and my comb slips right through. Good luck.
have you gone sulfate free? i had the same problem with my hair before i went sulfate free--my hair would practically dread itself in the back of my head and it was awful trying to separate the hair out of its matted mess. so, if you aren't already sulfate-free, i would say give it a shot. sheamoisture is a great affordable sulfate-free brand, and they have a ton of different lines to try (super fruit complex conditioner had great slip, IMO). also, using a leave-in before using styling products may help too, just as sahararose said above. and try detangling with conditioner instead of oil, or a mixture of both! hope this helps :)