3B hair but coarse. Have straighten 90% of life & have lost curl . how can I get my natural back?

2 Answers

my hair is naturally curly, when I was younger my mama would straighten me a bang. When I go to wash it would loose its straightness. I'm suggesting you wash it or get some rollers and curl it.
You don't say how you straightened your hair. If  by relaxing, you will have to cut off the relaxed ends to get back to natural. If that would make your hair shorter than you can live with, you will need to transition, which can be difficult to deal with two textures of hair as it grows, and the chance of breakage where the new growth meets the relaxed hair. If you've straightened with heat, and just shampooing  or cowashing doesn't revive your curls, then you may be suffering from heat damage, and that's not reversible except by cutting off the damaged hair. Deep conditioning can be helpful to ease the transition, especially if you choose to cut your ends gradually. Good luck!