3B Having trouble with CG method & order of putting products in my hair. Just looking for advice (:

Hi all,this is my first forum post, so sorry if it's too long or lacking info(:I've been using the CG method for the past 4 years although I'm not even sure I'm doing it right. I used to have a routine where I would use Tresemme naturals and then LA looks gel on top and my hair would be amazing but they stopped selling that Tresemme. Shortly after having this routine though, I was pregnant and that changed my hair so my routines been a mess since then (for about 3 years)I've tried so many different variations and I still don't like how my hair comes out. I have been doing my own research but wanted to see the opinion of a more experienced curly girl(:The products I have are:ConditionersVo5 moisture milk: as cowash Giovanni: deeper moisture conditionerJason: intensive moisture for dry hair- super moisturizing for my hairShea Moisture: raw Shea butter detangler- as a detangler although the vo5 usually does itStylersShea Moisture: curl enhancing smoothie- loveKKCC: I use this sparingly BC of $$LA looks gelHerbal essence: totally twisted gel- only works on days that I co washLeave inShea Moisture coconut&hibuscus style milk ( I honestly don't know if this does anything to my hair. It might be too light but I just use it out of routine as a leave inShea Moisture: raw Shea butter detangler- when I use it as a leave in it weighs my hair down too much and I loose curl pattern. I think it might be too oily.Deep conditioningI make my own deep conditioning Sealants NONE: oil doesn't really work for my hair. At least not coconut or jojoba. And I haven't tried anything else as a sealant. To me my gel is my sealant lol I don't know if that's correct though. I have 3b, low porosity, very thick hair. I clarify with ACV. I usually air dry my hair or go to sleep with it wet. When I do my hair I literally don't know what I'm doing anymore lol I just throw things in it. I don't know what I should be using as a leave in or as a styler and I haven't found anything I like for hold besides the LA looks.I work night shift as a nurse so most days of the week I'm sleeping and it's hard to find time to experiment with my hair now. I'm just looking for any tips/advice on routines, or anything specific you guys think I should look into. Thank you!!(:

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