Is my 3b/3c hair damaged or poofy? How do I cleanse my low porosity hair after workouts?

Hello!After doing  some research I believe I have low porosity 3b/3c hair. I have been perm free for four years now. I have bleached and died my hair over that time. Since October 2015 I have died my hair to its natural color and want to proceed being completely natural. I have loved my hair some days and wish I could love my hair more other days. Sometimes I get really defined curls and other days I get poofy, lifeless curls. (Possibly due to product buildup) since I have been using the same products. Here is my hair routine:Every night hot oil massage, braid into four sections Bobbi pin and stretch braids. Put on a satin bonnet, sleep.Every morning I workout, shower,  somedays I'll use deva curl no poo, follow with decadence one condition, Denman distribute one condition and use as a leave in, I used to use aphogee curlific curl activator, but wanted to use one brand. I am now using arc angel and my hair Hates it. (It's very thin,too light for hair)I either wear my hair as a wash and go everyday after showering after the gym, or I wear in a banana clip.My hair takes forever to dry, and seems to get more moisture when it's soaked. When I let it dry a bit and apply product when it's damp, I don't feel like it's getting moisturized. It gets really frizzy and poofy at the roots, and more defined at the ends. Do I need a keratin treatment? Is my hair damaged, or poofy?I've never been to a curl hair salon and don't know that much about curly hair, what should I do? 

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