My 4c hair is super crunchy and hard. What do you recommend I do and use around the kitchen?

I'm 15 and I stick to the cheap conditioners mixed with coconut, olive, or grapeseed oil. I deep condition weekly with honey and olive oil and wash after I deep condition with a homemade cleanser. Unfortunately, my 4c thick hair is crunchy and only soft when it's wet. There are also one stranded knots on my hair. Any recommendations or things I'm doing wrong?

1 Answer

I heard that coconut oil can make your hair crunchy and hard , protein overload can also make your hair hard and crunchy , first thing you gotta do is detox your hair you can use acv or a clarifying sulfate shampoo , and try to find a good deep conditioner , do some research or something until you find what's best for you