After 3 years of blow drying straight, how do I get my curly hair back?

I have naturally wavy (2A) hair, but in 2001 I got a perm that took my hair to a volumed 2C hair type. I wore my hair naturally with some gel and mousse using limited heat until 2009. At that point I started blow drying my straight when I styled it. Throughout the past few years my hair will not return to its original curl, no matter how long I stay away from the blow dryer or curling iron. Instead, it is a messy semi-wave that is frizzy and when I try to curl it using the gel's and mousses like I used to it no longer holds and turns out stringy.  What can I do to get back my curl? I already keep up with hair cuts and use a daily deep conditioner. Thank you for your help :)

2 Answers

I recovered from severe heat damage for about 2 years. How long have you stayed away from heat?I didn't touch any heat for a year (direct or indirect) to see what pattern my hair was. If you leave your hair alone for a year with no heat you should see about 6 inches (on average) of thecurly hair the way you remember it. It definitely takes patience but keep using the deep conditioners and try protein treatments like ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment (it's stinky) to restore some of your hair's bonds. As we age, our hair also changes, as it does with diet and exercise changes. Embrace whatever you do find out from your journey back to curly! :)
Kala's right; stay away from heat if you can.  You might want to back off daily deep treatments; sometimes that can be too much. Try a couple times a week and see how that works. How long is your hair? It might be so long that the weight is pulling the curl out.