Alternatives to Leave in conditioners, Moisturizing products that wont cause my henna to fade??

I recently just henna'd my hair, and I loved it, it was my first time and I can already see an improvement in the health of my hair. I just ordered more henna, but I got a deep red color, not the natural red (pure henna), and I am worried that it will end up fading. Everywhere I have read says that putting oils and leave in conditioners in your hair suffocates the strand and causes the henna to fade, which I have definitely experienced with my current henna. I was curious if there is an alternative to applying leave in conditioner that will keep my hair very moisturized, possibly a natural product? I definitely struggle with dry hair and I know the henna will help over time but I would love if there was something I could use right now, especially during these cold dry months? Thank you!

1 Answer

I've never used henna but I've colored my hair so many times. I couldn't imagine not being able to use a moisturizer during the winter months. I think if you are willing to give up moisturizers you will need to nix any sulfates in your products. Water is a moisturizer but without an thing to seal that in its just going to dry.  Also you might consider adding the henna to your conditioner to keep the color. Eventually the color will fade, so better the color fade than damage your strands with a drought.