am i the only one who just has tons of hair fall out al the time?

My hair is also way thin!

4 Answers

Absolutely not and it is 100% normal. Curly hair keeps all of the shed hairs trapped inside the mass, so when it is finally manipulated or detangled, it comes out in clumps. Fear not!
Oh good! My mom doesn't have curly hair and she always asks why I'm balding! Haha! Thanks for your help!
It's normal to lose a lot of hair, and everything's probably perfectly fine. It can be a sign of certain health problems, but probably not in your case!
I had gradually lost almost 70%  of my hair by this time a year ago. I too thought it was seasonal shedding. However, by the time I realize it, my extremely thick and dense hair was then long and thin. The problems were simple for my doctor to diagnose and treat,  iron and vitamin D3 deficiencies. I am glad I was natural because it would have been worst with relaxed hair. If it continues, I suggest you visit your doctor. Good wishes.