any suggestions for moisturizers? they have to have natural/organic ingredients though

4 Answers

You should look into the brand called Nothin' But. They are a more organic and natural brand. I hope you find one!
I use hair Sap from Been using it for years and it is more moisturizing for me (even in the winter) than when I used Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Qhemet's Alma Olive. Here's the link. I like their sales/discounts too:
Try SheaMoisture  they have natural organic ingredients. If you are looking for a great leave-in conditioner with no glycerin that is organic/natural try Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner.  
Yeah Ive tried hair sap before. I like it, especially when I am twisting my hair. It really brings a lot of moisture to my hair, better than other things Ive tried. For some reason my hair doesn't hold moisture very well, but hair sap seemed to hold up better than other products Ive tried....SheaMoisture is another good alternative too.