Any suggestions for single stand knots & mid-shaft splits?

2 Answers

Splits are usually caused by damage, so avoid all damaging habits, such as heat and chemicals. If you're tying hair ties around your hair, it will cause weakness wherever the band is, often times on the mid-shaft. If using bands, frequently change the position of them so the same spot isn't constantly stressed. As for single strand knots, I feel you on this one. Unfortunately, they are very common among tighter curl patterns, and are usually caused by wash n gos. The best advice I can give on these inevitable pain in the butts is to cut down on wash n gos, and opt for a stretched style, like twist outs or braid outs. When sleeping, always do something with your hair to keep it tangle free, like braiding it or wrapping it and wearing a satin cap. I also purchased some hair shears from the drug store and periodically go through my hair and cut just above the knot so no length is lost. It's important to remove them, as they just create more knots.
I myself used to have split ends, I find That coconut oil helps a lot also stay away from heat