Are there any treatments that will help my hair stay the way it looks when its wet?

When my curls are wet, they are long, and defined, but when I dry my hair that all goes away.My curls shrink and dry up, making my hair become frizzy. I'm wanting to know if there are any treatments that will help my curls stay the way they look when they are wet. My curls are in between type 3C and type 4A.

3 Answers

Are you going to the Beyonce Grammy's look? IDK about treatments. I think gels work to get the wet look but to stop the shrinkage... hmmm. Au Naturale has an anti-shrinkage line. You could try that. Otherwise, try braid outs, banding, or embrace the shrink. 
Gel gives your hair really nice definition and lets your hair stay looking wet all day long. I recommend eco styler gel for a cheaper option and kinky curly curling custard for a more pricey option.
Curly Hair Solutions' Extenzz can offer elongation. Maybe mix that with Curl Keeper to fight the frizz and add definition.