At what point in my routine should I apply a sealant? What is the best way to apply one?

I live in the northeast USA, so we experience cold snowy winters.  I have type 2c highlighted hair that is currently well moisturized.  Current routine:  cowash, cold rinse, hand squeeze drippiness out, apply leave-in, work thru out, apply gel, finger comb thru, scrunching & pumping.  Micro fiber towel excess wetness out, plop in MFT about 15 min, unplop, lightly move at root on top, place clips at crown and air dry.  SOTC, if any, when fully dry.  I usu get 2-3 days between cowashes.

1 Answer

Sealant in my experience is always tp be applied right after a cold water rinse out. That is the technically the right time to seal in the moisture (aqua/water/conditioner). Slather between palms and swipe through hair.