aveda vs ouidad!?

hi cg's i am 16 years old and I'm pretty sure my hair is 2a/ 2b. although id love if i could tighten my curls. I've been thinking on purchasing some products from aveda or ouidad, but I don't know which is better.. i want something that is going to enhance my hairs and make them tighter and last longer. i have long medium thick hair and normal porosity. I've tried moroccanoil devacurl shea moisture etc etc... I'm just looking for something that will finally work for my hair. if i don't put any products in my hair my hair falls flat and completely straight with my wave I don't know what this means?to be honest  i don't even know my curl type or if i even have curls... :( . seems like my hair won't curl sometimes or in some areas... for aveda I've been looking at the "be curly" line and for ouidad "the essentials" and "play curl" or "clear and gentle" . both lines and quite expensive so i will only purchase one. I'm just hoping some of you gals can help me! I don't know whats better! so please share your experiences!!!!! if none of these things work i might opt to get a perm..... 

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Hi Sophad1022, Your hair is gorgeous! It's definitely a 2b in the above photo. I would not suggest a perm, as it could seriously alter your texture in the long run. However, as far as Ouidad vs. Aveda goes, they are both great!I cannot say that I've tried the entire line of Aveda. I have tried the Be Curly Enhancer cream and it's lovely, but it doesn't hold well. If you use it you need to use it in conjunction with a mousse or something with hold. Ouidad is wonderful. I haven't tried any of the lines that you are looking at, but I love her Climate Control line for the summer time. Her heat and humidity gel is one of the best gels (no crunch). If frizz is an issue for you, I recommend that. Honestly, there's not a Ouidad product that I don't like, so I'd say she's a safe choice. Good luck!