Most awkward hair moment?

What is your most embarrassing or awkward moment that you have had with your hair? I have a couple...One time, I left a flexirod in the back of my head while running errands. Not cool.Another time, I noticed oil dripping down my face and ruining my makeup. Sigh.

4 Answers

I have so many... smh.One time I had this super nice sew-in that had been in for a few weeks. The wind blew in such a way that it caught the hair and exposed all of kinky curly natural edges. Africa in the front- BRAZIL in the back!In my "just big chopped" days, I would go to work with wet hair thinking it would dry. It didn't and I would have white flecks of product EVERYWHERE by the end of the day (including in my hair)I straightened my hair one day and set it on rollers that night. The next morning, my hair was nice and curly; well, it was super humid that day and when I walked outside my hair POUFFED. By the time I got to work it was a fuzz ball. I didn't realize it look bad until about midday. It was middle school graduation that day, so parents, administrators, my bosses, and my bosses' bosses saw my head looking a H. A. M!!!!
Confession:One time I decided to use a new rinse out dye in my hair. The dye claimed to be blue/black. After dyeing my hair, it turned all the blond parts of my hair green. *insert shocked face here* (I had old blonde highlights still in my hair.) Everyone at work kept telling me "oh your hair is green" My only response was...."I know..."
I too have had a bad encounter with oil dripping over my face and neck. I had oiled my scalp and sealed my hair with coconut oil.Another incident that comes to mind is the time I attended a function with a half up and half down style on stretched hair only for the humidity to ruin the look I was going for. Everyone I bumped into kept alerting me that the back was loose assuming that it was meant to be a full updo. Lesson: Always carry emergency bobby pins!
One time while walking into the office I looked down at my shadow and thought OMG did I even pick out my hair that morning?! So I went straight to the ladies room and when I looked in the mirror, I really couldn't tell if I did or not. So I went to work.