how to get out of that awkward mid length stage?

I've been in.this ackwarf midlength stage since about March and it hasn't grown much what can I do to get toward the long hair stage ( 9- 12) inches any suggestions I have a combination of 4a and 4b hair 

2 Answers

You just wait for your hair to grow... lol Hair grows on average 1/4-1/2 inch a month (in a perfect world where our ends NEVER break) so hypothetically, if your hair grew 1/2 inch a month and you retained that length, you'd still only have 2 inches of growth -- hardly enough to move you out of the "awkward stage". And our hair type grows out and up, not down and long, so you wouldn't even be able to TELL lol. what i'm trying to say is BE PATIENT, girl! In the meantime, try stretched styles like braid outs, twist outs, or even blow out your hair before your twist it. That will help you see some of the length better. Hope that helps! 
try braiding it down in a protective style, it will help ur hair grow and it hides the awkward stage