Is it bad to use a protein treatment as a leave in?

When my hair is really bad I like to use a protein treatment as my leave in. Or when i am just out of my leave in. I mix it with aloe vera gel and a serum. I use it as my leave in for a day or two . It makes my hair really soft and smell good. Can it be bad to leave a protein treatment in too long?

1 Answer

it depends on what you mean by "bad". If your hair is dry and brittle, I would not recommend a protein treatment, but if your hair is limp and soft feeling, then protein is just what you need. If your hair feels soft after a protein treatment, then the protein treatment is probably well balanced with moisturizing ingredients. There is nothing wrong with using a protein-rich leave in if your hair is high porosity, but too much protein will lead to breakage. If this is something that is working well for you, I don't see a reason to change it, just be aware of the signs of too much protein. If your hair feels dry and brittle or straw-like, then you need a moisturizing deep conditioner with zero protein ASAP.