What is the best deep conditioner?

As mentioned before several times, I really want my hair to grow long. I don't want to become a product junkie so is there one particular deep conditioner I should go out and get. Whenever I go hair shopping, there are just so many things and I don't know what to get! If there is a specific deep conditioner that is recommended, do I have to buy a specific shampoo for it to work properly ;)

1 Answer

I generally haven't noticed any store bought deep conditioner have a great impact on my hair except Ouidad Curl Recovery Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask. To me, none of the other ones I have tried are really worth it when I compare them to taking my favorite regular conditioners and mixing them with olive oil or coconut oil or another of your favorite oils. You may have a different experience, but in order to avoid product-junkie-ism, adding oil to your conditioner is great cost-effective solution for a deep conditioner.I hope that helps!