Best products for 3b/c curly hair?

i've went natural just recently and i have no idea what products to use? My hair type is 3b/c and i just want products thats going to leave my curls soft and defined, no crunchy feeling. I had picked  some products that i want to try like ( Aveda universal styling cream, DevaCurl light hold defining gel, CHI keratin reconstructive leave in conditoner & sweet almond oil) can anyone tell me if these are good products, i also wanted to try the devacurl styling cream but lot of people had said it gave them shrinkage which i dont want and also the paul mitchell fast form i've been hearing many good reviews about it and i dont want to splurge considering i've been natural since last month, help please thanks.

1 Answer

3b/c curls here too and I've fallen head over heels for Bumble & Bumble's curly line, especially the primer spray and the gel oil, two products completely unlike anything else I've ever used. The primer spray moistens and gives your curls life after sleeping on them. I use that alone if I wanna just get out the door and my curls look fantastic . When I have a bit more time, I pair that with the gel oil and then scrunch the curls from the root with a tshirt and air dry, leaving your curls looking luxurious, silky, shiny as hell, and with no stiffness like a standard gel would.. I was completely anti-gel before using this product, but this is no standard gel. The price point is a little higher but a teensy bit goes a long way (you know you're using to much of your hair has any crunch. I literally dip one finger tip in and that's enough) and they are both sooooooo worth it. Your curls will thank you. Good luck!