Best products for guy w/ long 3a silver-grey hair. Thinner, drier, less lustrous than it used to be.

I'm a guy looking for a shampoo, a conditioner & a leave-in spray or serum (light hold, not stiff) for my long 3a(?), silver-grey hair that is getting thinner, drier & less lustrous than it used to be.Slight yellowing (from the pool, I think) is also a concern.

1 Answer

Hi Bob! If you're looking to avoid that yellowing effect I would definitely start using a purple shampoo, that will help counteract the warm tones. The most popular purple shampoo across the board is Clairol Shimmer Lights, which you can find at Sally Beauty. Then I'd recommend a moisturizing conditioner to follow that up, I like the Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner popular leave-in that several of our editors with your hairtype like here in the office is the Briogeo Leave-in Defining Creme, which will moisturize your hair and also give you some definition so that you don't have to use an additional styling product. you prefer a spray formula, then Obia's Curl Hydration Spray is another popular choice, and has very moisturizing ingredients that helps!